Time races by…


I woke up this morning thinking about time. The older you get, time seems to speed up like a formula one race. It was on my mind and oddly enough my friend’s young cousin, who feels like my own niece, brought it up in her email to me. She has just turned nineteen, and said everyone was warning her to enjoy this time, telling her it would pass all too quickly. I told her not to worry. She has plenty of living to do.

Time is like a vacation. Waiting for the special moment to come takes forever! When the vacation finally arrives, you want it to last, but all too quickliy it is over. If you are lucky, you will have fond memories to reminis.

I still have a lot of time left and when I look back it has been forever since I was a child, a teenager,… 20…30…. So it isn’t really all whizzing past. It just feels that way when you have a great life. Time flies when u are having fun😉