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Top Five Things I do to Procrastinate Writing…



I love to write. When I sit down to the task, it is a flowing process that makes creating characters easy. I’m not sure why I get so sidetracked, but there are about five different things I can not seem to avoid. #1…My dogs. I love them dearly and most days they are content to sprawl around me while I work, but other times they say enough!…or Ruff Ruff! If you can pet the computer, you can pet me. Houdini is known to try to type every now and then. Leo just likes to reformat all my work. #2 Clutter… I can not work if there are dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper or things strewn around my bedroom. I actually clean my house before the lady comes to clean, ugh. #3 Working out…this comes before writing about 75% of the time. I feel guilty if I am not writing, but even more guilty if I don’t exercise and sit around. #4 Family and Friends…I love to go to lunch, so one text or phone call and I am out the door to enjoy the afternoon socializing. #5 Social Media…I am not a woman of the new millennium. I missed out on Social Media trends of the 2000’s and I am still trying to catch on. I admit, I really don’t get it. Selfies, what I had for lunch, who I am following, etc… but it is a necessary evil in the publishing world.

Now that I have that off my chest, back to writing;-)


I love birds and I love being outside, but I have to ask why today is the third time in my life I have been in the bullseye of a bird! The first time I was taking a picture in Hawaii when a seagull targeted my ear! Second time I was reading a book on the pier in San Francisco. The bird targeted my book…that was above my face, as I lay on the ground reading. Today, I was just finishing up a chapter on my surface pro and snacking on popcorn by the pool when SPLAT! Top of my head this time. I have heard this is is a sign of luck. Since I was writing, I will consider it a mild inconvenience  that I had to go wash my hair. I hope it means that the questions I have about my current story’s future popularity are unfounded and this book will be wildly successful. For that, I can withstand a little bullseye any day.

Zari Reede


If you were asked to pick a badge, something that represented you in your profession and you didn’t want to use a picture of yourself, what would you pick? Zoe and I have batted pictures around forever and after much talk and texting, we have settled on the badge above. It may not be the actual face of Zoe or Minette, but it is something that is elegant, simple and timeless…like us! Wink wink;-) We had some interesting second choices, but a lot of them have been used on Facebook, the blogs or elsewhere. Tonight is the first posting of the official badge of Zari…applause please!




The holidays have been very busy and it’s hard to keep a rhythm going between throwing parties and going to parties. If I am not shopping, cleaning, organizing or planning, I may find time to write and edit. Now add another writer to the mix, with her schedule and I feel like I am getting nowhere fast. I hope that when I finish my last glass of champagne tonight and hang up my eating pants tomorrow, that I can somehow fall back into a routine… But the reason I am a writer is that there isn’t a lot of routine in my life. Oh well, a girl can always dream….

It’s all Greek to me…


Since choosing a publisher, Zoe and I have been invited to join a writer’s group. It is a website where the publisher’s list of Authors have a venue to share their questions, comments and thoughts. I have sat back silently reading all the emails that go to and from other Authors without typing a thing. I have never been published before, so I don’t feel I have a lot to contribute to the conversations at hand, but belonging to the group is great for learning. Today an Author asked about his trailer on You Tube and though I know nothing about making a trailer, I felt it was a perfect opportunity to put a word in. I like to read and I am a consumer, so I don’t think it takes expertise in film making to have an opinion. The Author with the trailer got lots of opinions and I almost felt sorry for him as the Authors barraged him with advice. I didn’t agree with all of the comments, but kept this to myself. It felt good to be a part of the process and to wish my fellow Author the best of luck. Taking the first step, I have a sense that I belong to something bigger than my own writing.

Oh Christmas Tree…and what’s in your stocking?


Decorating a real tree with lights, trim and a gazillion ornaments is a lot of work! I don’t do it every year because it takes so much time, not to mention all the pine needles and tree sap. Once it is up, it is amazing how cozy the home feels. Saving ornaments for decades, my favorite and oldest is from Christmas 1976. Oops, giving away my age… It’s these special ornaments, given to me by the people I love,  that make me want to turn myself inside out to make it a festive holiday. I even put the ugly, non matching ones on… they’re on the back of the tree. Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday with lots of treats in their stockings.

What to do while waiting…


The contract on our contemporary romantic western has been signed, sealed and delivered. We have received a letter from the editor explaining it takes 14-18 weeks for first edits to be completed. We then accept or reject edits and mail them back…another 14-18 weeks ensues as we repeat the edit process. We finalize the cover art, and it is approximately ten moths from now that our book will be seen in print. In the mean time, we will work on our social media status. I am lost in this phase, because I have never advocated putting all my information out there for the world to see, but this is different. We are promoting our first book! Yay! In the meantime we are almost finished with second book edits and completing our third novel. I have to admit, I was doubtful about what I chose to write shortly into the venture. It seemed above my head and I wasn’t sure if it would take off, in the addictive way our writing usually ignites…but here we are, thousands of words in and I love our heroine and all the supporting characters. I love that I don’t even know what is going to happen next, and that is what fuels me to keep tapping away. I want to know the end!

Calgary, Canada…Opera!








Calgary is a beautiful city! I was amazed at its clean streets, abundant parks, pedestrian paths, shopping, late night dining and more. I have wanted to see the performance of Lakme, but could never find it playing. To see it in such splendor was a real treat. The set was colorful and exotic, with a mixture of elaborate costumes, flowers, temples, and statues of Hindu gods. The soprano sang an amazing rendition of the flower duet. It’s unfortunate that piece debuts in the first ten minutes, but the music was beautiful throughout. There was so much to appreciate. I Highly recommend this Opera, and visiting Calgary should be on everyone’s bucket list

Night at the Opera!


One of the loves I share with my co-writer and friend Zoe is that we love to go to the Opera. My husband has kept season tickets for the last few years and we rarely miss these wonderful productions by the Houston Grand Opera. The night he proposed, he did so before we saw the Magic Flute. I have seen it three times, in three different cities and HGO is my favorite production of Mozart to date. Besides the wonderful voices, libretto, and elaborate sets, it is fun to get dressed up and drink champagne with friends. Zoe and her husband have attended every Opera night that I can remember and its such a joy to know people who love art and music. My sweet husband has booked a special get away to Calgary to see an Opera I have been dying to see. Stay tuned, and I will let you know how it turns out. Canada is amazingly beautiful, so the scenery alone will be worth going

Belated Birthday Gift!


I was helping my mother clean out her garage and donate items she no longer wanted. She handed me a box of books that belonged to my sister and told me to donate them. I love old books, and all books for that matter…so I stashed them in my Jeep and took them home. Lucky I did, because at the bottom was a box of old photos and an album of poems written by my great grandfather from 1951-1965. I had heard about this collection of poetry, but had never seen it. My sister said she would find it one day and show me…and a few weeks after my birthday, she did…or so I prefer to believe.

There are about 100 poems in the album. His words ramble over patriotism, humor, religion and nature. He took night courses in writing and submitted a few pieces of his work to a news paper that were published. I come from a family of writers and finding this made me proud. Not all of the poetry is excellent, but the fact that he poured his thoughts onto paper and tried is what matters. My great grandfather died when I was six. I loved him very much. I still miss him to this day, and was ecstatic to find his writing. It helps the adult me to know the adult he was. He was a giving soul, with a creative mind and passionate heart, who tried to discern life with his words. His poem above, I would Like to be a Writer, says it all.