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So…what did you think?

Since I was 22 years old, I’ve lived with males. First my husband, then my two boys. Even the two cats are males. When our romance came out in February, I wasn’t waiting with bated breath for them to read it. Figured I’d pass out if I did. So to say I was surprised when they all did, (well, okay, the cats didn’t), is an understatement. Not only did they finish it, but they liked it too. (And trust me, if they didn’t, they would have zero problem letting me know.) Not only that, but they were pretty darn good about figuring out which parts I wrote and which Minette did. Half the time I can’t remember who wrote what when we edit.

I often hear from girlfriends about the lengthy, deep, illuminating talks they have with their daughters. All day girly outings like going to the spa for manis and pedis then lunch and a movie…that sort of thing. I don’t know if this is true for all mothers of boys, but those kind of marathon talks just don’t occur often for me. I’ve found that snatched moments, like on a drive to the mall or while watching a rerun, they will open up to me. I cherish those moments. The thing I didn’t realize and that I do now is, while they shared their lives with me, I shared of myself too. And I guess those moments were special to them too, because they really know me.


IMG_1023Ask a woman if she has made any resolutions for the New Year and chances are she will mention losing weight. I always wonder if it crops up as much when men are asked. Do men even make resolutions? Noting my over-indulgences during the months of November and December evident in the mirror, I, along with a bazillion others, nodded at my reflection and vowed to do something about it. Until someone concocts a magic shake or lotion to vanquish fat, I am sticking to more prosaic methods. I decided that each week, I would make one habit change toward a more healthy living style. I began with keeping a food log to get an idea of how I needed to tweak my intake. The second week, I added short five minute walks every hour during marathon sessions in front of the computer. So far, it’s all doable and I don’t feel overwhelmed as I have in the past by making too many changes in too short a time. Wish me luck.

Edits, bleh!

imageI’ve been editing my book and find it is hard to know when to stop. Every time I reread it, I find one more thing to correct. Correction, several things to correct.  I’m struggling with when to let go and send it forth. I want it to be perfect. I have many wonderful writing tools to help me. My friend has read it and assured me I’ve told a good story. Yet, I cling to it. I’ve decided to give myself a deadline. I’ve been fairly good this last year with writing goals. I guess this is one more for me to add to the ever-growing list. Bye, bye, little novel. Time for you to meet more readers.

Adverbs…bad or just misunderstood.

I have a confession. My name is Zoe and I like adverbs. Yes, that was the sound of a Catholic sacrament mating the 12 steps program. As a writer, I always strive to find the perfect word and yes, I value potent verbs. *pats verb and chucks under the chin* I get that purple prose is passé and pitiful. (Ain’t alliteration awesome?!) Just seems like adverbs get the bad rap and their counterpart, adjectives get a free pass. Let me give you a sentence. *clears throat* His hand uncontrollably clenched the transparent glass as the effervescent bubbles quickly popped . Now I am betting a simplistic editing tool will flag the adverbs and ignore the adjectives despite the fact that an argument can be made that they are superfluous and the adverbs necessary. (Yeah, using that sentence in a book at some point.) I am thinking, and I am not a person who has studied the evolution of writing, but hypothesizing, because, hey, cool word, that this is a backlash occurring because in the past, adverbs were over-utilized. I would like to see a more even-handed approach to the parts of speech. So give your adverb a hug today.

I’m a Trekkie, not a techie…

imageThis, is my mouse. You will notice three things about it straight off. One, the poor thing is worn to a frazzle and you can almost hear its whimpers of “uncle.” Two, it is a gaming mouse, because yes, I have in the past enjoyed WoW. And three, it is a dinosaur which by rights, should be turning into crude. My computer is even more geriatric than my mouse. I desperately need to invest in a new one, but…I’m scared. Now that is hard for me to admit. Generally I consider myself brave, but aware of my short-comings and not fool-hardy. Minette is trying to get me on a Surface. I look at that dinky thing (FFS, it doesn’t even HAVE a mouse!), and wonder how the hell am I going to figure out how to turn the bloody thing on let alone write, save and edit books. I don’t have a choice, tech marches on and I would rather goose step with it, than be trampled under, but I do so with a sense of reluctance and thumb my nose at the ranking officer. To paraphrase Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, technology comes and goes so quickly here! I am not against improvements, but I feel this world is too quick to dispose and can tend to be materialistic. In the past, one could buy and continue using a computer or phone for years. Now it seems six months later what one has is woefully out of date. I admit I do need to attend classes covering everything from Remedial Computer Use to Social Networking as an Author, but this rapidly changing world makes my head spin and there are days when I long to curl up with a notepad and pen, because I feel my heart and soul pours forth with more ease then than at a keyboard in front of a screen.

Read more about ..

imageMy expression when doing more than five minutes of  yoga. Of course, this is on my mental New Years resolution list. Yes, I am aware that January is ending. I’ve decided Zoe New Years starts February 1 and yay me, I’m ahead of schedule. I’m creating a new kind of yoga, a Zoe-friendly kind of yoga. I don’t have all the details worked out yet, however sipping champagne, petting puppies, listening to cats purr and reclining shall play a significant roles. On a weird note, non sequitur warning applies, I grew half an inch.

Reviews, namely, fear of…

imageNegative reviews. I am looking ahead to that inevitable day when our book receives one. In preparation, I searched for uncomplimentary reviews of some of my favorite books. My reasoning was to reassure myself that even the most awesome authors don’t have universal appeal and every writer, no matter how good,  has to deal with unpleasant comments. Opinions are arbitrary. I don’t like coconut. There isn’t anything inherently bad about coconut, I simply do not like the taste. Some people will read our book and just flat out not like it. I can live with that. There will be others that serve up constructive criticism. I am brand spanking new to publishing and have a lot to absorb. I hope I can read such reviews and learn so that the next books I write are better and better. One kind of review that bothers me is the ones that start out, “I didn’t finish this book, but…” I do understand that this reflects on the beginning of the story, which in these cases, fell short in the extreme, however I think that in order to properly review anything, you should finish it. Oddly, I don’t see this happening as much in such media as television shows and movies. I look forward to seeing your comments…even the unflattering ones and thank all who take the time to do so.

I remember…


Does anyone else remember the chat rooms of the late 90s/early 2000s? My first experience with these was when my taped episode of Buffy was missing the crucial last five minutes. I was distraught. My sweetie, after listening to me bemoan it too long, said, “Get online. There’s bound to be a site or something where you can find out what happened.” Pretty sure he regrets that advice. The show aired originally on the WB and the station created an official Buffy website which had a chat room. So Zoe is introduced to this wild, new world. You chose a name and bam! Your screen showed multiple conversations scrolling down the page. To say I was intimidated was an understatement. I can type and thought at the time, that I typed well, but before I could address an individual, the next topic was well underway. There were not many rules. You could “be” anyone you wanted to on these sites and it wasn’t that unusual for people to construct a new persona. I liked the anonymity and relished an opportunity to be judged merely on what I “said” so I kept my personal information to myself, but never lied online. I did know men who posed as women, junior high girls claiming to be 21, and married 40 year old men pretending to be single and 25…pretty much every wild story of deception you can envisioned occurred. I met some wonderful people there, many I remain friends with and several who I have met in the real. Things have changed. I understand why. There are and were some pretty horrible people out there. Sometimes I miss it…those crazy days of the early chat rooms.

Sometimes I freak myself out.



So, I’ve been busy researching for our book. Found some wonderful sites and learning a lot. One thing I’ve learned is I am woefully unprepared for certain circumstances. Do you know how to pick locks? Could you get free from zip ties? Are you aware of proper techniques needed for fighting with a firearm from close quarters? If you can answer yes to any of these, color me impressed. Realistically, I probably will never need these skills, but, having an overactive imagination, I can worry myself sick that I don’t. I’m overwhelmed by how much I don’t know. I have to remind myself that nobody knows everything. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying though. So, excuse me, I need to practice my handcuff knot. Never know when I might need to subdue a foe.

The games people play…


Football season is upon us. Shake those pom-poms and show your team spirit! I don’t ‘do’ sports. I am not a team player. I was the last one picked for the kick ball game and the first person tagged during dodgeball. I, the quiet, obedient girl, skipped one class as often as possible – P.E. Yet, I do keep up on sports for one reason. They are important to people I love. My dad was an avid football fan. I grew up watching pro and college games. We viewed anything and everything physically competitive that was televised. Golf to figure skating, professional wrestling to tennis, we debated the outcomes during commercials. Cheering the Sooners to victory with my dad is a cherished memory. This weekend, I watched the Texans play and as I clapped, I remembered my father. Win or lose, he favored me with this big grin because, bottom line, the most important part was that I was with him. Whatever I do, whereever I go, if I am with those I love, I am happy.