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Gonna cut myself some slack…

Not the best pic despite my multiple photography classes, but note the curls. I have spent ages on my tresses, yet when it looks its best, I have done the least amount of work. Sometimes I try too hard…and not just on  a hairdo, or a hair-don’t, an unfortunate, yet frequent occurrence.  I obsess about wanting things to be perfect. There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best you possible, but I need to remember that I am not perfect and never will be. And that is totally okay.

Getting Old


My cat Andy had to see the vet recently. Nothing wrong, just the annual check up. The vet asked his age and when I answered, remarked that Andy was a geriatric.  “No wonder he’s been acting like a grumpy, old man lately,” I commented with a chuckle. Andy was adopted from a shelter. He was tiny and covered with fleas. He was so weak that he couldn’t climb the stairs. We also adopted his brother, Leo who could manage the stairs. When he did, poor Andy would look up at him and meow pitifully. We lost Leo to feline leukemia. Andy, however, thrived. The vet visit reminded me how lucky I am and how far the wee, feral kitten I rescued nine years ago has come.

It’s a first!


This summer, my husband and I traveled to Alaska. I could write a book, (and I might), about the many fond memories made. Seated on our room’s balcony, I sipped wine and snuggled in a blanket as we gazed at icebergs bearing seals and the vibrant, deep blue Sawyer Glacier.

Long, long, long pause during which Zoe stared at screen, took sweater on and off, texted Minette to whine, went on a champagne quest (sweet success!), and thought seriously about borrowing her son’s favorite endings for his first grade writing assignments: “It was good and it was fun” or “it was fun and it was good”, (whimsy-dependent).


Remember the expression on the students’ faces in “A Christmas Story” when the teacher says, “I want you to write…a theme”? Pretty much how I felt when Minette gently pointed out I needed to contribute to the blog. I don’t know why this is so hard for me. For years I kept a journal of some sort. I am constantly scribbling at a book (yes, I do write longhand) and I do plan to write more about my Alaskan experience, but I will probably use it in a story. So bear with me, dear readers. I will try to be more diligent.


Wonders how long she can put off writing another one.