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Glorious Grecian Research!

imageI am half of Zari Reede and now part of a Greek family. This is fun for me since I am a true southern mutt raised mostly in Louisiana. I have always been interested in people from abroad. My friends are made up of South Americans, Central Americans, Greeks, Irish, Spaniards,  Eastern Europeans, and American born Asians. When I hear an accent, I am drawn to it. I want to know more. My mind runs with a story just by looking at a picture, but new people in my life are also new characters😀 This is a family vacation to celebrate my recent marriage, to an amazing Greek born, American man. I will take in all the beauty of Greece and it will inspire many future stories.

Food for thought…


           I mentioned our addiction to writing is like eating double stuffed Oreos with fine champagne, but I think champagne with cake is my all-time favorite. Someone once asked, if I were trapped on a desert island and could only have one meal a day – the same meal everyday, what would it be? I figured this would include an entree and one side dish. If you think lobster right away, think about this… it’s everyday for as long as you live! I said grilled chicken breast with a baked potato. It’s healthy and I never get tired of eating it. If I was given a desert – only one desert for the rest of my life – it would be CAKE. My favorite is vanilla, with Bavarian creme and butter-cream icing. I love champagne but I like to indulge in an ice cold Pepsi for cake occasions as well.

          I once went to Alaska on a float trip, where they fly you out and drop you off in the middle of nowhere. You float for two weeks down a river and they pick you up in a float plane. Hardest vacation of my life, but beautiful. I could only take one food item besides the food on the list for everyone’s consumption. While others were packing Jack Daniels or cookies, I brought my 24 pack of Pepsi. I knew I could have several a day to get my sugar fix. They all made fun of me until sometime into the trip everyone wanted a sugary soda…I had gold!

          I have tried to give up soda on several occasions, but it’s hard. Stress makes soda wonderful, and when you are sad, the bubbles tickle your nose and make you smile. I like the way the carbonation hits your tongue and rockets down your throat to flood your inner core with a caffeine explosion. It splashes in my empty stomach on a hot afternoon, and whizzes me around to stop in the midst of what I am doing and say, Ahhh, that’s what life is about, enjoying a moment.

Minette Lauren 08-06-15

New Beginnings!


It has been a long time coming, but our latest romance-comedy-suspense has found a publisher, and will soon be out there for everyone to read.